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Tippecanoe County Amphitheater: A Hidden Gem For Unforgettable Experiences

Tucked in the heart of Tippecanoe County sits a stunning concert venue surrounded by nature. The Tippecanoe County Amphitheater offers an array of musical performances, beautiful views, walking trails, soccer fields and much more. Throughout this blog we'll dive into what makes this location so special to the West Lafayette community and anyone else that has enjoyed adventuring to this hidden gem.

  1. History & Location:

The Tippecanoe County Amphitheater is evidence of the local community's commitment to musical arts and the longing to supply a venue that boasts nature's beauty. In the late 1990's, the property was designed to flow with its natural surroundings, showing off the vast landscape. Throughout the park you'll notice mature trees, open fields, and you might even catch a glimpse of the Wabash River. This peaceful setting offers and escape from busy campus life at Purdue University and downtown Lafayette, providing an ambience to enjoy live music and events.

2. Impressive Design & Amenities:

With the ability to seat over 3,000 concert goers, the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater shows off its impressive design that promises great acoustics along with clear views of the venue from each seat. The tiered seating presents the audience closer to the music while keeping a spacious feel. Other amenities include ample parking, public restrooms, concessions, walking trails, and even soccer fields towards the front of the property.

3. Live Performances

Since its inception in the 90's there have been an array of performances from all kinds of genres. The Amphitheater is also hosts to theatrical productions, dance recitals, and local events throughout the year. There have been well known international artists as well as local bands that have played on stage. The wide range of different talent that comes to play makes each concert an unforgettable experience.

4. Community Events

Although the property is best known for its musical performances, there are many different local events held each year. There have been church gatherings, farmer's markets, fundraisers, field trips, and more. The beautiful nature surrounding the property has also made it a hot spot for family photos, prom pictures, wedding / engagement photos, etc..

In conclusion the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater is a must visit for those that have never been. Whether you're looking to enjoy music, theatrical performances, or simply want to escape the city and enjoy nature, this park is worth adventuring to. Be sure to watch our video at the top of the page to view all 166 acres of this stunning park. Enjoy!

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